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6 Signs of a Top-Notch Storage Facility

Storage Facility
If you search for storage facilities in your area, there's a good chance several options will come up. So how do you know which facilities offer the safest, most accessible space for your things? To find out, you'll have to do a little more digging into which features each storage facility offers. Here are six signs you have come across a top-notch storage facility where your items will be safe and secure.
1. Climate Control
Unless you are only storing outdoor equipment and rugged items that are nearly impervious to damage, you should probably opt for a facility that has climate controlled units. In these storage units, the temperature and humidity are kept within a certain range so that your items do not become moldy or heat-damaged. 
2. On-Site Management
Be wary of renting a storage unit from a company that only has an off-site office or conducts all of their business online. Off-site management may seem newfangled and high-tech, but it compromises security and makes it harder for you to get in touch with someone if you have concerns about safety, your rental agreement, or other policies. The best storage facilities have readily-available managers on-site. 
3. Security Cameras
If a storage facility advertises that they have security cameras, make sure you confirm where those cameras are located. One camera at the front entrance is not enough.
The best facilities have cameras situated to capture footage of each and every storage unit door on the premises. If anyone tries to illegally enter your unit, the incident will be caught on film. Good camera systems also deter theft and make a facility safer overall.
4. Easily Accessible Units
The last thing you want, after packing all of your items into a moving truck, is to have to carry them across a parking lot or upstairs to the storage unit. Make sure the facility you're considering renting from is arranged so that you can pull your truck right up to the door and unload easily.
5. Multiple Unit Sizes
Some so-called budget storage facilities only offer units in one size. One-size units may work out if you have a lot of items to store, but if you only have a few things, you'll be overpaying for space you do not need. The best facilities offer units in multiple sizes. The following are some quick guidelines to help you select the appropriate storage unit:
  • 5'x5' Units: Accommodate a few boxes or a small piece of furniture
  • 5'x10' Units: Accommodate the contents of a studio apartment
  • 10'x10' Unit: Accommodate the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment
  • 10'x20' Unit: Accommodate the contents of the average house
When in doubt, choose the larger size. But never overpay for a huge storage unit when you only need to store a mattress and a few books.
6. A Key Code Entry System
A good storage facility restricts who enters the premises. The easiest, most common way to do this is with a keypad entry system. Anyone who knows the code can enter the premises, but they still need a key in order to open your individual unit.
A keypad entry system allows you to give the key code and your key to a friend, allowing them to access your storage unit as needed. Most facilities will require that you add them to the rental agreement first. However, this system keeps ill-meaning individuals out. 

If you find a storage facility with all of the features and amenities listed above, you can bet that it's a good one. Contact Blanco Self Storage if you're looking for a safe, secure storage facility in the greater Salinas area.