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7 Safety Tips For Moving Your Belongings To A Storage Unit

Storage units provide you with a secure place to store your belongings so that you can free up space around your home or office building. While you know that your belongings will be safe in the storage facility, you should also implement a few additional precautions during the actual move.
As you prepare your items to move to storage, make sure to follow these strategies so that everyone involved in storing and retrieving items stays safe when they visit the facility.
Choose The Right Storage Unit
Storage facilities vary in their level of security, and you should feel comfortable visiting the unit during any hour of the day. Look for a facility that offers security features such as surveillance cameras, proper lighting and on-site management so that you are safe even when you visit the unit in the evening.
Pack Boxes Correctly
You should always use caution not to overfill boxes beyond their maximum capacity or the contents could spill out as you carry them. Check the box labels for the recommended weight limit to follow. Then, select the right sized box to fit your belongings.
Boxes should also be packed with the heaviest items on the bottom. Then, fill in any empty spaces with materials that cushion the contents such as packing paper. This helps to maintain proper balance within the box so that it is less likely to topple over when it is stacked.
Practice Proper Lifting Techniques
During the moving process, practice proper lifting to avoid the potential for serious injuries. Make sure to lift boxes by bending your knees rather than your back, and always team lift items that are very heavy. You should also use a dolly or moving cart for unwieldy items such as heavy appliances to prevent injuries.
Clear The Moving Area
Before you begin to move items on or off of the moving vehicle, do a quick check to make sure that the main moving area is clear. Ask someone else to watch young children or pets as you move items into the facility. If your vehicle has a ramp, then you will also want to make sure that it is free of debris and slippery substances.
Never Store Hazardous Items
While storage units are perfect for storing everything from important documents to boats, there are some things that just don't belong in a unit. Check the facilities prohibited items list and crosscheck it with your intended inventory to make sure that you comply.
Keep in mind that these prohibited items are designed to keep everyone who visits the facility safe while protecting the security of the stored items. As a general rule, combustible materials such as propane, gasoline and fireworks should not be stored.
Utilize Shelving Units
Large stacks of boxes can fall over on anyone who visits your unit, and trying to retrieve an item at the bottom of a stack can cause the unit to become disorganized. Use shelves to maximize the use of the vertical space in the unit, and only having to move one or two boxes at a time reduces the chances of someone being injured.
Create Defined Walkways
As you load the unit, make sure to create clear walkways that people can use when they go to retrieve items. Choose a unit that is large enough to leave space in the middle to move around the unit once the items have all been loaded inside. Then, make a simple map to help you locate items efficiently.
Our storage units at Blanco Self Storage are designed to keep your belongings safe until you need them again. Contact a member of our team to select a storage unit that is perfect for your needs today.