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The Benefits of Having Self Storage Insurance

couple packing a storage unit

Whether you’re running out of room at your house or you’re in the middle of relocation, there are plenty of reasons why you might need additional space to house your possessions. You expect a certain level of security from any facility that you entrust to keep your items, but is that enough protection? While you hope that nothing goes wrong with your stuff, here are a few reasons why it makes sense to purchase self storage insurance whenever you rent a unit.

Water Damage

Like any other building, your facility has plumbing that runs through the walls and a roof to keep out the elements. If anything goes wrong with either of those two components, water could find its way into your area and damage wood, electronics, documents and any of your other items.

Destruction From Fire

If you live in California, you know all too well that no building is immune from destruction if it stands in the path of a devastating wildfire. Even if there isn’t a massive natural disaster, you could still sustain a loss from an electrical fire or an irresponsible tenant who stored something unstable in his or her unit. By taking out storage insurance, you’ll be able to replace anything that’s destroyed by flames or damaged by smoke.


Even if your facility has the best locks, attentive personnel and security cameras, a clever-enough thief can find a way to break in. If you’re a victim of theft, you’ll be glad that you had storage unit insurance to replace any of your valuable possessions.

Protect Your Investments

These are just a few reasons why it makes sense to get insurance for your storage unit in Carlsbad, San Marcos or Vista, but trust the staff at your facility to answer any of your other questions. To learn how to properly winterize your boat or prepare other items to be stored, call us today at 831-754-1080.