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Color Coding Your Storage Unit

full storage unit
Utilizing a storage unit is an excellent way to keep on top of things when moving from one place to another or when you just need a little bit more space than what you currently have. At Blanco Self Storage, we know how vital having a clean, organized space can be, not only in your home, but in your storage unit, too. We want all of our valued Salinas renters to enjoy the experience when they come to visit their unit. One of the easiest ways that we have found to accomplish this is through color coding your storage unit.
Color coding the boxes and totes in your unit involves choosing a color for the various categories of things found in your unit, such as kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom. Once colors are assigned to the different groups, you place stickers of that color on the outside of each box, preferably on several of its sides and with a short, but specific, list of what its contents are. This is the best way to stay organized for several reasons. Some of these include:
  • It’s efficient: Simply slapping on a sticker to the outside of your box takes seconds, yet can save you hours of searching through boxes for that last set of dishes.
  • It’s cheap: You can find hundreds of various colored stickers at dollar stores, office supply stores and grocery chains.
  • It works: Walking into your unit and knowing exactly where all of your living room frames are makes the stickering process more than worth it.

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