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How To Place Your Seasonal Clothing In Storage For Best Protection

Every season you break out a different portion of your wardrobe and then attempt to find storage space in your home for the rest of your items. While some clothing items can be merged into new seasons, such as spring clothing into early summer and fall clothing into the beginnings of winter, for the most part you have a large wardrobe that isn't in use most of the time.
A solution to your storage problem is to invest in a small storage unit where you can safely house your seasonal clothing until you need certain items again. Before you begin tossing your clothing into garbage bags for a trip to the storage unit facility, follow these tips instead to keep your clothes best protected while they are tucked away until you need them.

Clean All Clothing Prior to Storage

Every item of clothing (even your shoes) should be properly cleaned and dried prior to placing it in storage. Cashmere, leather, satin, and velvet items should be professionally dry cleaned. Wipe all shoes with an alcohol-free disinfectant wipe so they are ready to be packed into a storage unit for the season.

Invest in Plastic Bins with Lids

The best way to store your clothing to keep it protected from wrinkling, moisture, and insect damage is to use plastic bins with lids. Line each bin with acid-free paper to absorb any moisture and add extra protection. Instead of folding clothes to put them into the bins, roll them into tight balls (this prevents wrinkling). Place acid-free paper between each layer of clothing to create a more air-tight and protected fit for all your items.
Shoes should be placed in shoe boxes lined with packing paper. If you don't have original shoe boxes, you can use smaller plastic bins to keep them protected.

Set Aside Items to Hang

Items that need to be hung, such as coats, jackets, leather pants, and some sweaters, should be set aside and placed on proper hangers. Since long-term storage is ahead of these items, you want to use hangers that are less likely to warp gentle fabrics from months of storage. Clamp hangers with cushions are ideal for pants and skirts, while rounded plastic hangers are best for button up shirts and sweaters.
Make sure to cover all hanged items with a clothing bag, made of either plastic or some kind of fabric. This extra precaution prevents stains and rips while your clothes are in transit to the storage unit, and keeps them free of dust and light while they are in storage.

Choose the Right Storage Unit

While your clothing is not in use, it should be placed in a cool, dark, and dry place. Talk to a storage unit facility about climate-controlled units that allow you to manage both temperature and moisture content in the room you choose.
Check on your storage unit often so you can rearrange bins and go through your hanged items to check for any signs of insect damage or mildew. If you have taken the proper precautions to keep your clothing safe prior to placing it in a storage unit, you should not encounter any issues while your items are not in use.
A storage unit is an excellent place to house your clothing when the season is not proper for them to wear. Small investments can help you preserve your wardrobe for months at a time until you need your clothing again. Our storage units are designed to house a great number of household and commercial products. Call our office at Blanco Self Storage today to see which unit will work best for your needs.