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Packing a Storage Unit for a MoveTips and Strategies

man packing a storage unit
If you are renting a storage unit to store your items while you are in between homes, you want to select and set up your storage unit in a way that makes your move easier. Although some organizational strategies are the same regardless of why you are renting a storage unit, there are special tips you should keep in mind if you plan to ultimately empty your storage unit into a truck and move all the contents to a new home.

1. Organize, Organize, Organize

Organization is always important when you are putting items into storage or moving into a new house. However, it is especially important if you are packing up your home, moving everything to a storage unit, and completing your move at a later date. In these cases, you need to set aside the essentials you need while your stuff is in storage, but you also need to ensure everything you put into storage is well organized.
div>To that end, you may want to color code boxes, list contents on the outside of each box, or draw a map of where the contents in your storage unit are. That way, if you need to get something out of storage before your move, you should be able to easily find it. Additionally, organized storage unit packing can also make unpacking easier at your new home.

2. Set Up the Storage Unit With Moving in Mind

If you plan to eventually put everything in your storage unit into a moving truck, you should focus on that end goal while arranging the items. For example, you may want to put all the small items at the back of the storage unit and store all the larger items in the front.
div>On the day when you arrive with the moving truck, you can move the larger items such as furniture into the truck first. Then, you can fill the remaining spaces with your boxes and other small items. div>Alternatively, pack all the small items such as boxes around the perimeter of the storage unit, leave a small walkway, and then fill the core of the unit with your large stuff. When you pack the truck, you can extract the large stuff first and pack the small stuff last, but the walkway also allows you to access your stuff fairly easily while it's in storage.

3. Use Moving Supplies

If possible, you should use moving supplies when putting your items into storage. Generally, storing items in garbage bags, laundry baskets, or other random containers can work just fine if you plan to keep your items in storage for a significant amount of time. However, these odd-shaped containers are hard if not impossible to stack in a moving truck.
div>So that you can optimize the space in your moving truck, pack your stuff into moving boxes, and remember to use ample packing supplies, such as shredded paper or bubble wrap, to protect your fragile items. Ideally, you should do all of this before packing your storage unit, but if time simply does not allow that, you definitely want to take these steps before loading up the moving truck.

4. Choose a Drive-Up Spot

So that you can load your moving truck as quickly as possible, consider choosing a storage unit that is accessible to vehicles. That easy access saves time on moving day, as you can simply back the moving truck up to the storage unit and start loading.
div>Alternatively, if you don't need the space offered by a full-size, garage-type unit, opt for an indoor storage space located on the ground floor, and rent a dolly or flatbed on moving day. div>To rent a storage unit or get more advice for your move, contact us at Blanco Self Storage today.