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Three Benefits To Selecting Non-Climate Controlled Storage Units


When you are looking to rent a self-storage unit to place your household goods into, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make is whether to rent a storage unit that is climate controlled or non-climate controlled. 

Climate controlled storage units are inside of a building where the temperature is controlled. In many cases, these buildings also offer humidity control. Non-climate controlled units are often housed outside and resemble garages. 

While there is a lot of hype in regards to climate controlled storage units, there are also many benefits associated with traditional, non-climate controlled units. Learning about these benefits may help you decide which option is better for you. Here are three of the benefits of selecting a non-climate controlled storage unit. 

The Ability to Drive Up to the Unit

One of the benefits of a traditional, non-climate controlled storage unit is that you can drive up to the unit. Most of these units are like garages. You can drive up to the unit, roll the unit up and quickly and easily unload your belongings. This is a big difference between how unloading and loading a storage unit in a climate controlled facility is. 

When you are loading or unloading your items in a climate controlled facility, you may have to navigate stairs, go around corners and walk down hallways to get to your unit. This can make it more of a challenge to place items in your storage unit and then load them back up when you no longer need the unit.

If you are loading or unloading items yourself, or can't lift items for a prolonged period of time, a traditional self-storage unit makes it easier. 

The Cost

Another benefit to a non-climate controlled storage unit is the cost. Non-climate controlled storage units are usually cheaper to rent than climate controlled units. In fact, climate control typically increases the cost of a unit by an estimated 35 to 50 percent. 

Of course, many factors affect just how much you will pay for storage, including the location, availability, and size. But as a general rule of thumb, non-climate controlled if cheaper. If you are looking to stick to a monthly budget for storage, a non-climate controlled unit can help you with that goal. 

Not Every Item Benefits From Climate Control

The last benefit to selecting a non-climate controlled storage unit is that not every item you own actually needs a climate-controlled environment.

There are many benefits to storing certain items in a climate controlled facility. This is why these facilities are around and so popular. Items such as antiques, artwork, wine, and photographs can all be kept safely stored without becoming damaged in a climate controlled unit. But many people make the mistake of thinking that they need to store their items in a climate controlled unit. The truth is, many of the everyday items that people place in storage do not actually need a climate controlled unit. 

If you are storing items for only a short period of time, are storing items in a climate that does not have cold or hot weather extremes, or are storing items that are not extremely valuable, like clothing, linens, holiday decorations, or everyday dishes, you likely do not need climate controlled storage. 

If you are looking for a non-climate controlled storage unit in the Salinas, CA area, or you are looking for covered storage for boats and RV, turn to Blanco Self Storage. We offer outdoor, non-climate controlled storage units ranging in size from five by five to ten by 30 feet, as well as covered storage spots for boats and RVs. Call us today to inquire about availability and pricing.