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Tips to Winterizing Your Boat for Storage

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If you’re a recreational boater, the warmer months are the happiest time of year. While you hope that the good times will never end as you throttle forward along the water, you know that winter will eventually arrive and you’ll have to put your toys away for a while. Before you drop your watercraft off at a boat storage facility, it’s important that you prepare by winterizing the vehicle. Here are a few tips that can help make this process easier.

Read Your Manual

Nobody knows your watercraft better than the people who built it, which is why your first step should be to consult the owner’s manual for boat-storing advice. Protecting your warranty is one of the biggest reasons to properly winterize the vehicle, so make sure you follow every step to maintain the contract’s integrity.

Lift the Boat Properly

Whenever a watercraft bobs up and down at the dock, water tension and buoyancy gently and evenly cradle the entire hull. When it’s time for dry boat storage, it’s important that you place supports in the proper places to prevent warping and other damage to the wood or fiberglass due to the effects of gravity.

Take Care of Fluids

Your boat’s engine is full of different liquids, and each one requires a specific action before storing the vehicle. The first thing you should do is completely change all of the oil so it doesn’t gum up over the winter. Cooling water can have a corrosive effect, so drain it entirely, and you should also add a fuel stabilizer to prevent gas degradation.

These are just a few things that you should do to prepare your boat for the winter, but contact a specialist if you need additional advice. Call Blanco Self Storage in Salinas at 831-754-1080 to see how we can safely house your marine toys, and learn how we can protect you further with optional self-storage insurance.