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Why Should You Store Your Baby's Old Gear?

Old Baby's Stroller
Your baby is growing up — and quickly. Before you know it, you may have a mountain of clothes, toys, and gear your baby has grown out of. Instead of throwing out or donating old baby/toddler items, consider keeping them as hand-me-downs. If your family plans include another child, take a look at what a self-storage unit can do to save you time, money, and space.
Saving Time
The meticulous registry that you created during your first pregnancy won't help you now. While it's customary to have a shower with baby number one, asking friends to gift you with a registry full of presents for your second (third, fourth, or more) baby is an etiquette no-go.
Without a shower, you're the one left doing the legwork when it comes to buying clothes, gear, and everything else for baby number two. Also, now that you already have a child, shopping for baby number two takes time that your family just doesn't have.
Saving baby items to reuse means that you don't have to spend time shopping again. As your baby outgrows their clothes/gear or stops playing with their infant toys, start storing them. Instead of cardboard boxes, use airtight plastic storage containers. Choosing clear containers lets you see inside, which will save you even more time when you need to find older items to reuse with your new baby.
Saving Money
Not only does storing your baby or toddler's old clothes and gear save you time, but it's also an obvious money-saver. Again, it's not likely that your friends and family will shower you with presents the second or third time around. This leaves you to buy everything that your new baby will need. But storing your first child's used items (to use again) takes some of the financial burden away when you reuse them.
Saving Space
An off-site storage facility provides a safe space to stash your child's old belongings. While your basement, guest room closet, or garage may seem ideal (and free), the more baby items your family buys, the less usable space you'll have for everything else.
Storing Safely
Your baby's old clothing and gear won't help you when it's time for baby number two if they're covered in mold, moths, or mildew. The typical in-home storage spaces (basements, crawl spaces, attics, and garages) are often damp, exposed to temperature extremes, or are areas that offer easy access to pests. These issues can all destroy your child's old items.
A self-storage unit provides a safe space to hold your old items while you wait to reuse them. Even though a temperature-controlled storage setting can eliminate some of the humidity or moisture-related problems that happen when you store your baby's gear at home, you still need to carefully pack these items.
When storing your baby's clothes, toys, and other items, always do the following:
  • Clean everything first. Never store dirty or soiled clothing/items. Diaper leaks, food stains, and other similar issues can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Leaving these and other stains on your baby's gear can also cause them to set over time — making them impossible to clean later on.
  • Dry everything thoroughly. After washing your baby's items, dry them completely. Dampness allows destructive mold growth.
  • Use plastic containers. A tightly sealed plastic container can keep moisture out, protecting your baby's items for years to come.
  • Label the containers. Make unpacking easy with well-labeled containers.
Create an inventory of your storage boxes before bringing everything to the self-storage unit. This is an easy way to organize the items and will help you find everything as you need it.
Are you ready to start storing your child's unused clothing, toys, and other items? Contact Blanco Self Storage for more information.