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Climate-Controlled Storage

Monitored Storage with Climate Control in Salinas

Climate and Humidity Controlled Storage
Some items that need to be stored require a consistent temperature in order to maximize longevity. If you need a unit in Salinas that can provide climate controlled storage, we have you and your valuables covered. Our facility offers an enclosed unit that can keep your valuables safe.
Many organizations could benefit from environmentally controlled business storage. From pharmaceuticals to moisture-sensitive documents and collectibles, being able to monitor and maintain specific levels can prevent damage to various goods. Our units are designed for long-term use and are able to sustain a safe environment for as long as you need the facility.

The Benefits of Temperature and Humidity Control

Humidity can cause a great deal of damage to perishable items and sensitive materials. Paper, wood and leather can be damaged in an environment that isn't properly maintained. Our humidity controlled units prevent such damage from developing regardless of the outdoor conditions. If you need the area to be as dry as possible, that can be accomplished as well.
Controlling the climate can prevent sensitive objects from suffering damage. If you need a controlled atmosphere for your goods in Salinas, give us a call at 831-754-1080. We provide the perfect location for storing your valuable equipment whether it's personal or business related.

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